My 2 outfit ideas for New Year’s celebration

Hello everybody! Today is 31st of December and it means night of New Year 2017 will come very soon! So we all preparing gifts for family, friends, co-workers, strangers whatever… but we shouldn’t forget that new year outfit matters too. So I have 2 new ideas for outfits for New Year’s celebration for you guys.

First all white everything outfit consists 3 pieces: white knitted top (Jane Norman), white skirt below the knee (Gcm Counture) and transparent heels (Bebo). This look gives a feel of winter and snow. And at the same time all white outfit brings out the skin color and gives a fresh look to your face and body.

Second outfit is very simple and sexy. Dressing gown of mine from Glitz Upcollections is very short and of course can’t be used for going out. But as a morning new year look it will perfectly fit. You can style it with pointed heels (The Tree) and it will transform your outfit to a home party kinda look.

Thank you guys for reading my first post! Wish you all the greatest things in New Year 2017! And don’t forget to visit my blog!

2 thoughts on “My 2 outfit ideas for New Year’s celebration

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