This soul is beautiful

The name of this post sends us to a cultural movement “Black is beautiful” that was started in the United States of America in the 1960s by African Americans.

My very good friend Tosin who I believe is a great model in the making and myself who I believe is a great photographer in the making decided to take these pictures.A concept doesn’t always come before the process. We just wanted to experiment with her ebony skin by putting much of oil on it and using bright colors of clothes and background to make her skin pop. She wore some pieces of native Nigerian dressing and accessories. So after I edited these photos and looked at them again I understood that I am in love with her pictures and the positive energy she sends out. She looks so beautiful and artistic.

Today the words “Black is beautiful” are still important to black people. It shows to everybody that any kind of skin color, hair texture and the U part lace wigs, face structure don’t make you better or worse as a person. All of us were born on the Earth, our motherland, our home. We all belonged to the species ‘homo sapiens’. We all have a mind, intellect, sense, brains, soul whatever you call it. Just know this is the part of your body which matters. Make your soul beautiful first.

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