Time keeps running

Hello my dear readers! Today I would love to share with you an experience from day from my work life.

blue dress

Unfortunately, some of my clients have the tendency to be late for a shoot. And that was the case on a faithful day with model Emily who was 40 minutes late. Her lateness made me frustrated because I really wanted to take my time with this photoshoot so that it could come out perfect.We still had short time to do something so we decided to start.

purple hair

Emily is a very friendly and lovely person. I liked her body shape, facial features, and the way she composed her clothes. She could understand me as a photographer very fast and pose professionally.

purple hair

I enjoyed editing these photos because the color match was very beautiful and her shiny skin made it look like a magazine picture.

blue and red

I am happy with the result and hopefully next time I could work with Emily more and more.

purple hair

Happy Sunday to everybody!

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