Different body size in fashion

Every day I encounter people who ask me if they are fit for a photoshoot with me.This  popular question comes from clients who are not comfortable with their body size, they think they are a little overweight or chubby, or short… to make story short, their body is not the model body type.

But what does the model body look like? There are some standards in high fashion world for models: height, age, parameters and face.

Height. Most of the model agencies would prefer to have a model with height from 172-183 cm. But if your figure is good looking but height is less than this you could still be a photo model as well.

Age. Usually, model’s age is not longevous. They go into the modelling business by 14-16 years old and they finish with this career in their 25-27s. But world is changing and rules keep changing too. For example, Britain model Daphne Selfe is 83 years old now. And she still works as a model more than 60 years. Today it is normal to break rules and keep going ahead.

Parameters. “90-60-90” – we always hear these numbers and go crazy when we don’t see it with our own parameters of body. Don’t worry, nobody is perfect and you shouldn’t chase these numbers to look good on pictures or on the beach. Besides there are also plus size models who are rocking their body and dresses.

Face. There are some face types in fashion world: childish, anorexic and having non-standard features.

After I scroll down all this info in my head and there is gonna be this answer for my clients and people who want to take pictures with me in future: Yes, you don’t have model body type and you might never have it, but it doesn’t mean you will have bad looking pictures with your own interesting and unique beauty. What you need is to select nice outfit for yourself which complements your body and face. Fashion and style are important in the photography world, not skinny or chubby hips.

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