On the other side of the city

That was a lovely sunny warm day I spent with my friends at the lake. We just enjoyed the weather and fresh air. It is at the outskirts and it took us some time before we could find a little island of the paradise.

I wore a lace laser cut cami top from Zaful when I arrived to cover myself up before I will get used to the feeling of wearing a swimwear in a public place, though it was not crowded and busy.

The pink bikini set from Rosegal made me feel like a nymph I can’t explain why. To make it look cuter, I styled a flower crown on my head and bracelets, with colorful earrings with the pink swimwear.

My friend and fashion blogger Melody Jacob wore more of the brutal khaki bikini set. We wanted to show that you can style yourself differently and still look dope and feminine.

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