Pop with a lollypop

Hello fashion killers!
Once in a while I want the colors of my outfit and make up to pop on my skin. I know crimson and turquoise colors have a perfect fit on me.

Few days ago I arrived to my city from Poltava. It was a fun and productive trip. These pictures were taken at one of the places next to the market area in Poltava. People stared at me as though I was naked. It was a mixed feeling of disappointment and a bit of pride because I felt I wore something that’s maybe not too cool but still felt sort of like a celebrity because of all the attention;positive or negative. Soviet mentality of our people is still for real, especially when you lick a big lollipop with the crowd around you.

Traсk-pants: Reebok
Shoes: Lovelywholesale
Lens: Pinkyparadise

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