Out of the blue

Out of the blue a real cold fall has come… Out of the blue this is the work and school time … The autumn melancholy has out of the blue come up … But I still have a good mood, because I keep going only forward and I am completely ready to deal with any issues. And then you will ask me the question: “How do I manage not to pay attention on problems and failures?” Actually it’s very simple, just dress up beautifully and brightly. Look as all 100%. A beautiful dress, a high heel, or just a nice make-up. I cheer myself up so. And you know, it helps for sure.

Blue in gold dress

I have only few brilliant things in my wardrobe. But I could not take my eyes off from this dress. I saw it in and immediately I realized that dress is for me. A very beautiful combination of colors and beautiful design in general. The only drawback – the dress was a bit bigger for me. I was not upset. I went to the tailor and fiwed it up. It was easy and simple, but it was worth it. Such an elegant dress could not be combined with any other colors except gold. Even the blue that is present in the dress would not fit. Therefore, the bag and shoes were gold.

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