Outfit of the season

If you ask what is my best outfit of the fall, I will tell you to check my pictures below. I got this love for a colored faux fur. I chose a green fur coat this time. The size was M but it is a little bit small for me, so better to go with size L. But I am still completelly and fully in love with this coat. I styled it with a black leather knee lenght skirt and wore the fishnet pantyhouse to make the look more fabulous.
What made my outfit looking extremely special? Details, that’s for sure. A metal framed sunglasses, a black patchwork bag plus a black leather transparent heel ankle boots. Sunglasses in this shape and transparent heel ankle boots are my favourites in this outfit. Unfortunatly, the ankle boots are already out of  stock.  But you can still find something close to it here. They just give that modern and chick look for anything you wear on top your body.

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