Retro style with a mustard long sleeve dress

If you read my blog before you can realise I love to experiment with different styles in fashion. Every day I want to be new to people. New targets, new knowledges, new businesses and new clothes, of course. So today I choose to be a retro girl.
What are all those things which can make you look retro? First of all, dont forget that in any style you choose the most important things are colors and cutting. I decided to go for a mustard long sleeve dress. I added an turndown collar three quarter sleeves single-breasted wool coat to make it look more vintage. Colorful sunglasses really made my look to present an old school era. This detail finishes the outfit. But I know I never set for less and wore a zipper glitter pointed toe ankle boots. Look at them how pretty and luxurious they are. My favourite for the seasion. Unfortunatly, the boots are out of stock now.

lace frontal

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