Luxury look by me

My personal advice to look luxury any time and any day is to wear those type of clothes which make you feel like a queen or king. Also you have to know how to mix different textures of fabrics and materials so it will make sense. It might be crazy for an every day kind of look but we never look for easy way. The best thing to do is to try wearing the pieces which you have never tried before or maybe even hated in past, and used to laugh at those ones who actually made it first. I always do that but prefer to style it in my own way.
As an example, you can take a look of this my outfit. I did not try to load my look with the color. I kept it simple, just green, black and bloatches of red. Funny enough that some people will still say that these colors can never get along and make you look luxury and expensive. But it is not only about the colors. The fitting of the texures were perfect. For this outfit I chose a faux suede boots green faux fur coat, black sweatshirt with embroidered red flowers, green velvet flared pants and black pointed toe faux suede high heel boots. Crossbar striped leg pilot mirror sunglasses finished my look.

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