Ripped boyfriend jeans with a puff sleeve sweater

Hello everybody! Today is November 23 and it is cold and snowing in Ukraine. I really have no idea how to protect myself from upcoming wintertime. Additionally, I have to say that to be fancy and warm in the same time is not an easy task. Soon you will see big jackets and long woolen shoes on me.

Today I still had an opportunity to pose for my blog without any jacket. Probably, I did not look at the degree. To make story short, I wanted to share my opinion about the boyfriend jeans. Sometimes I love oversize clothes and massive decore on it. These pair of jeans were perfectly fitted for me. I chose size M and never been wrong in my desicion. The boyfriend jeans make you look saucily and comfy in the same time. It is easy to style and wear with any king of items. I could even say that anything you find in your wardrope can asctually go with it. Sneakers, high heel boots, slippers for the bottom and any kind of top, from a crop summer top to an oversize sweater. Million variants!

Outfit details:
Hat –
Red puff sleeve sweater – Gamiss (Out of stock)
Ripped boyfriend jeans – Gamiss
Black leather transparent heel ankle boots – Rosegal

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