Velvet Horse Embroidered Sweatshirt

Hello everybody! It is been a long period I have not posted any outfit idea. It is really cold here. Lazy time is winter time. But I don’t want to procrastinate anymore and have to keep on moving and do my best in anything I do.
Well, lets see what I wore today under my winter coat which you can’t see on the pictures, I had to pull it off and show y’ll my velvet horse embroidered sweatshirt. I can say the texture and quality is really exciting and awesome. Cozy fabric and beautiful design is all what I needed the warm sweatshirt to be.
Stylish high waisted denim pants were a good match for the top. Deep blue with two red lines by the sides jeans are one of my favorite at the moment. They are comfortable and easy to style during cold weather.
Last detail of my outfit is winter sneakers. I am really in love with a color match of blue and green on the top of the shoes. Perfect combo. Talking more about the sneakers they are very warm and protective from the snow and water. I spent half of the day walking around with these pairs and my feet were dry. I don’t know if it was a waterproof material but telling you a fact.

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