My ‘taxi driver’ look

Hello babez! Fashion is a very flexible thing which can go with any of your crazy or stupid idea. If anybody say that taxi driver hat will be a fashion trand and will look so good on me like 1 year ago, I would not bealieve for real.  But I tried and it came out stunning as I feel.

Generally, my idea was to achieve a famenine sport and sexy look without wearing a skirt or showy clothes.Honestly,  it was really fun to style the look! I was really confused on how to combine the pieces in perfect outfit for me. I think I coped witht that challenge!  Right now I need to start packing my things and leaving  to Russia for a 10 day visit. Moscow, Saint Petersburg, be waiting for me! I am coming…

Outfit details:

Contrast Stripe Corduroy Jacket

Black Straight Pants

White Pointed Shoes


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