I believe and I know there is nobody on this Earth like you. Even if you are a twin with somebody but your soul and features are still very uncommon. Otherwise, your style and the skill to wear any kind of clothes comfortable that what can compliment the originality of your own beauty. That’s what I always try to do for myself. Selecting items online or in the clothing store is not an easy process for me. I always pick the outfit very carefully for myself. Sometimes it might not work and I will be upset a little bit with the outcome. But most times the final result exceed my expectations of it.
The reason I named this post as ‘Unique’ because it was my first time trying these kind of styles on myself. Stiped longline off shoulder blouse and denim high wasted pencil skirt are both from Zaful. I was not very sure to order this style of the blouse and the lenght of the skirt was not so confirmed in my head as well. Mostly I dont wear skirts, I prefer dresses, I feel they fit me more. I bought the pink hat in second hand for a less than a 1$ and I know not everybody can accept this kind of shopping but it was so amazing to buy something for a very cheap price and with a very beautiful style. Green fluffy sandals are also my first try and the green color of them gave me some type of headache on how to style them with other colors so finally it will make sense. So far my outfit creation in my thought became real.
What do you think about this combo? Is it unique or just random?

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