St. Petesburg reminds me of Paris

  1. It is been a while since I came back from my trip to St. Petersburg.It is a beautiful and atmospheric city in Russia. I have already been there several times. My mom’s relatives live there.
    By the way, my mum took all my photos during this mini vacation. She is literally a good photographer. Her support was so evident and I am totally thankful for this.
    In St. Petersburg you can not be a typical person, otherwise you will not be seen among millions of people. Generally, the city of Peter reminds me of Paris, it was noticed not only by me. Often they compare the Nevskaya embankment in Petersburg to the Parisian Seine with coastal structures.
    Therefore, I ennobled my casual look with a red beret which is one of the main trends of the season.

But in this particular outfit a red lacquer bag was a main accent. So capacious and elegant, But unfortunately it is sold out already.

Under my grey coat I wore a chic snow-white golf and an asymmetrical checkered brown skirt. I am totally in love with this look because it’s been a look I always wanted to showcase on my blog. I finally got everything I needed to complete this look from Zaful which is my Go to Online Shop as you all know.

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