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Hello guys! How is your Sunday going? Mine is very good and sunny here. I really enjoy the weather so much and I am always ready to mention awesome weather in my posts. I really do appreciate summer. I love the freedom in choosing any clothes I want to wear. Short or long, with jacket or without, all can be worn! But now we will not talk about the clothes, accessories is the topic of the day.
Let me start from my own little story. Since childhood I used to love the jeweleries, especially earrings. My parents were against of me having the wholes in my ears for the earrings. I always found it beautiful and famine to have a pair of nice earrings. Almost all of my friends had earrings. And for many years I had been begging my parents to pierce my ears. Finally, before I finished secondary school they allowed me to do it. My mom took me to the salon and it took for me just few minutes to have small cute medical earring in my ears. I did not waste so much time and did not allow the injuries to heal very well and changed the medical earring on the gold earring from my grandmother. To make story short, I was so happy to pierce my ears and have an opportunity to change them according to the styles I wear.
Earrings are really good to accomplish any look and sometimes they can change the whole outfit feeling for you. Many shapes and different designs of the earrings are very helpful for me every day. Even though these days I did not have any new pieces but I am looking for something new. Let’s check out different categories of earrings on Zaful.

Here you can see some of the tribal earrings. These designs are very colorful and remind of african culture. The tribal earrings are very exclusive and can benefit so many outfits.

1. Vintage Engraved Flower Beads Moon Earrings – Silver

2. Alloy Tribal Moon Earrings – Golden

Another exciting style is teardrop earrings. I don’t want to think for long and just will choose one of these designs I put below. You can check other variants and shop now.

1. Water Drop Leaf Rhinestone Earrings – White

2. Rhinestone Faux Pearl Teardrop Floral Earrings – Pink + White

More of the beautiful pieces you can find in the category of the artificial earrings. You might call them artificial but they really look very expensive and chick. All you have to do is to choose your best. Maybe not only one pair but few more. The earrings are never enough.

1. Metal Hoop Srudded Rhinestone Dangle Earrings – Silver

2. Artificial Diamond Circle Drop Earrings – Red

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