Summer tops fashion guide

Today I am going to talk about different types of Zaful summer tops. Summer time tells us its own conditions and we can not pay attention to it. Every girl wants to look extra during hot weather but it has some difficulties. You will ask me why? Because sun is not a joke and we sweat so much, and if it was possible we would choose not to wear clothes at all. Our skin needs to breath so we can feel good and healthy. Unfortunately, fashion industry did not create those type of clothes which we will not feel on our body but there are some fabrics and special designs which can make us feel less weight of tops and bottoms. Second problem is that we have to go to work and there is a dress code which we have to follow. It means we don’t have an opportunity to wear anything we like, but as I said before there is always a solution for it.
I found some nice variants of summer tops on Zaful which can help us to look beautiful and flawless under hot sun while we hanging around with friends, going for romantic evening, training sport outside or in the gym, and the worse as for me working whole day in the office. There are so many occasions which need a good styling and easy wearing.

Asymetrical tops are one of the best style to go. It is wide cutting and nice design which will help you to feel comfortable and chick. You can style it with wide pants or skinny jeans, or maybe high wasted skirt depending on place you go. It can look really amazing on you if you find a good fitting with accessories.

1. Convertible Striped Tunic Shirt – Multi

2. High Low Asymmetric Flounce Shirt – White

3. Letter Print Contrast Asymmetric Tee – Red With White

Shoulder cut out top is my number one style to choose. I am really so much in love with the designs and benefits of this style. You will not have any problem to pair it with anything from your wardrobe. Summer variants of this top is wonderful and very helpful.

1. Knitted Open Back Cold Shoulder Top – White

2. Cold Shoulder Ruffles Tiered Sleeve Blouse – Pink

3. Eyelet Off Shoulder Top – Blue

Of course, I can not forget about the sport wear during summer. Yoga tops are really made for this. They are short and have different kinds of designs. Some are good for small breast and some really holding bigger size of breast. It is very important during training. And fabric wont allow you to sweat under the breast zone so much. Let’s say you will not feel this tope on your body. You will simply forget about it.

1. Ladder Cut Padded Cropped Gym Top – Black

2. Sports Padded Criss Cross Strappy Bra – Black

3. Criss-cross Padded Sports Bra – Gray

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