Styling of a plaid dress

Hello everybody! Hope you are doing well? Today I have an interesting topic for you about plaid dresses. I saw a bunch of pretty plaid gowns on Rosegal and decided to share my thoughts with you guys. I have never been a fan of the plaid dresses and to be honest I did not have any reason to explain why I don’t like them so much. But as people says the only constant thing in a life is a change, so my opinion changed these days. I took a close look at this style and discovered some interest in it. My eyes have been caught with this style so far that I can imagine myself in each of the dresses I put below. Wow they are really stunning and so catchy. I believe I can style it very well. Each dress is so unique. They remind me of a school uniform of the children of the royal families. I am sure if you wear them you would like to rise you little finger while drinking a cup of tea. Just imagine yourself wearing one of this dress on English tea ceremony in a high class society.
I think this dress doesn’t need too much of styling and many details. You don’t need to make it extra. This is that moment when you slay when you look just simple and neat. For the evening outing you can go with pumps, little classy bag and with the hair tied up. All the attention of the party will be on you and your outfit. For the walking on the street you can combine the plaid dress with long black boots, one toned light scarf and a gray coat if it is raining. Make your hair scattered a little bit and naturally waved. There also so many other occasions where this dress will be number one dress in your list. Work, date, birthday or even fashion show. This style is never out of the fashion trend.
Let me tell you few words about the online store Rosegal. If you don’t really like to purchase your closet online because of waiting for some time, it will take less time of waiting if you use Rosegal. There are different shipping variants which can control the shipping process for you. What about size? You will not have any problem. Apart from standard sizes they have plus size program which is very helpful and useful. All your favorite style for the plus size ladies. Isn’t it wonderful?

1. Plus Size Flat Collar Plaid Dress – Black

2. Vintage Off The Shoulder Plaid Dress – Red

3. Long Sleeve Plaid Belted Midi Dress – Red

4. Vintage Bowknot Button Plaid Fit and Flare Dress – Checked

5. High Waist Plaid Pineapple Dress – Yellow

6. Empire Waist Plaid Shawl Collar Dress

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