Maxi dress with flowers print

What is new to say about maxi dresses? Nothing new but they are pretty and have amazing benefits for a true lady. Once you wear it you become elegant without stress and strugle. Another good privilage about it that it is easy to style with any kind of shoes. All will go perfect, either sneakers or high heels, even sleepers can fit in.
I dont really have many of maxi dresses in my wardrobe, maybe just 3 or 4 of them. But this particular maxi dress with flowers print is my best of the best dress. The color pink and rose print are those things which make the gown look festival. The lenght is really good. I am not a tall girl so maxi dress can really be too long for me and will be stepping on it every time. This dress is size M and the lenght were good enough to walk freely. The dress is made accurate and have a good quality. For the price is just 10 over 10!
I decided not to add any accesorise or details to the dress because it is already look enough and me hairstyle did a good job too. Curled hair as a Merilyn Monroe type of hair looking all good and ease.
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