Paris in Kharkiv?

Everybody knows the number one symbol of France located in Paris, Eiffel Tower.  The name is taken after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. It was constructed 1887-89. In Ukraine, Kharkiv, we have a 10 times smaller copy of Eiffel Tower. It was oppened in 2012 and located in the entartaining center “French bulvard”.

I have never been in France, Paris, but I am sure that iron construction has  its own atmosphere, very romantic and positive. So, I decided to recreate the feeling of that atmosphere and look at the outcome. I did not want to make it so common and trivially. My ashy pink dress is maybe not everybody’s favourite dress, but, as for me, it was a great choice. Transparent heels also made my legs looking longer and light.

Все знают, что Эйфелева башня –  это настоящий символ Франции, который находится в Париже. Название башни дали в честь инженера Густава Эйфель, компания которого разработала и построила башню. Она сконструирована в 1887-89 гг. В Украине, Харькове, у нас тоже есть в 10 раз меньше копия Эйфелевой башни. Открыта была в 2012 году рядом с развлекательным центром “Французский бульвар”.

Я никогда не была во Франции, Париже, но я уверена, что эта железная конструкция имеет свою собственную атмосферы, очень романтичная и позитивная. Поэтому я решила воссоздать чувство этой атмосферы и посмотреть, что из этого выйдет. Я не хотела, чтобы это получилось обычно и “попсово”. Мое пепельно-розовое платье, возможно, не будет вашим любимым платьем, но для меня это был лучший выбор. Прозрачные босоножки удлинили мои ноги и придали им легкость.

27 thoughts on “Paris in Kharkiv?

  1. Gorgeous! why do you think that someone wouldn’t like this dress… I really do love this dress…its crushed fabric and color look so pretty and you nailed it in creating that romantic atmosphere… loved that transparent heel and all your jewelry…❤️

  2. I actually stay in France most of the time, while I have been traveling since a lot of my projects are there plus, some of my family. If you ever get to go to Paris you should. It is a gorgeous city, and the tower was actually put up during a festival many years ago. And the people loved the beauty of it and decided to leave it up. Today, sometimes they have said they use it to bounce signals for towers. It has many uses but still is an iconic symbol in one of my favourite cities. I think your recreation is magnificent and gorgeous. That dress you have on is truly lovely 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, the imagery in this post is an absolute dream! So romantic and yet atmospheric at the same time. You’re a total vision in this blush slip dress darling!! x

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