Creamy loose overall

Some time ago I used to love wearing only tights: from jeans and dresses to coats and jackets. Otherwise, I couldn’t feel comfortable. Moving was unpleasant and difficult in something big and free. Oversized clothes obviously weren’t for me. Years pass, tastes and habits change. These days I am ready for experiments and different types of clothes, I couldn’t look at before. Now I fall in love with loose overalls other way round, often combining them with something tight. Here I decided to wear creamy overall dress from the natural fabric. It is really hard to understand how to style this kind of look. I did not find a solution so I didn’t use many accessories. All brown and beige: a beltless overall dress, thick heeled sandals, a straw hat and a wooden bead mini bag (hope, you can see it). It turned out to be very comfortable to wear and visually was easy to understand.

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