My “cosmic” style 

Since my childhood I be been getting all dressed up in anything literally saying. Any  kind of improvised thing could be helpful for building my look.
When I was very small I used to wear a towel on my head instead of hair. I really wanted to have long hair so much that the towel became an imaginary curls.
4 years old me asked for a black lipstick and black nail polish as New Year gift from Santa. Then I did not know a thing about subcultures. As an example, creating an alien look I’ve worn colorful plastic glassless lens mount, and Happy Meal package on my head from 2000th, making faces and saying with a disgusted voice “we are aliens”. My parents liked this play. I think it was really fun for them.
One of my favorite look was of Britney Spears. I used to have her first album on a disk so I had always danced to her music, performing for my parents and their friends was a huge success. Black shades, purple velour dress and white feather scarf. That’s how I felt my outfit.
At the adult age I heard about Michael Jackson’s death on a radio. I had know Michael Jackson persona but wasn’t really interested so much. It is often happening when the news about death of somebody great fanfare once again. That time I had started schooling in art Lyceum and that was a beginning of building my “cosmic” style which I dreamed about but couldn’t afford. The name “cosmic” style formed under the influence of Michael Jackson art and his individual style. Moon walk and flashy suits with many diamonds and rhinestones were those components which started the process of creating my understanding in fashion at the beginning. Now I don’t really go much for glittered things so much, but brightness and extravagance are still with me.

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