My Comfort

People say a woman creates comfort and warmth in the family and home. This is obviously a
general assumption and it can’t relate to every woman. If to think deeper, what is a comfort? It can be a comfortable house for some, others will say it is peace of mind, many need both of those.
If to connect this two definition as “woman” and “comfort” I would like to say about myself. I am that type of people who need “both of those”, but peace of mind is more important for me. I think your calm state of mind generates comfort in the house and family.
Looking at the pictures below I understand that I feel so cozy in the kitchen. I love the atmosphere of any kind of kitchens, of good people, of course. There is something magnetizing! It is delicious food, got tea and mouth-watering smells… Kitchen relaxes me and inspires. Now I have a question, what kind of woman am I? I think the true one. I love kitchen, aspire for peace of mind and comfort in the house. What else do you need for happiness…?

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