What do I do best? 1st part

All this year I have been trying to find a right place for myself in carrier and life but for now no results. Before I used to take pictures for people. And there were so many reasons to stop photography. Some would be shared here.
To be a photographer was never in my head. That’s why when I study in the university friends asked me to take their graduation pictures for money. Of course, I agreed not knowing anything about the photography and how to use a camera. Fortunately, I had a half profession camera in my family. To be honest it was not so good. Anyway the evening before the day of my first experience to be a photographer I learnt how to turn on the camera, use focus and some settings. After this photo shoot people started asking for my serves as a photographer. That’s how I started my way and earning my first money even though it was not much and to afford a new better equipment for developing my job was not possible for a long time. It took me 2 and half years to have a Canon 6d and lens 85 mm 1.8. It helped me to increase a quality of a picture and give me some more technical freedom. But still I couldn’t earn enough to upgrade more and more which is needed for commercial shots. I know I did not have a right marketing and all that. Probably, don’t have it till now. I was really trying my best in this but I was not in the right place. I always preferred to be in front of camera than behind it. God has heard me and helped me to stop photography as my job. The camera was stolen with all the lenses, cards etc. It was like a nightmare. I don’t like to remember about it till now. Make me feel sad. Anyway that’s how I stopped taking pictures of people and focused on my blog more.
To be continued…

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