My experience with delivery companies

It is good to be patient and not to rush things in life, to take your time and be sure everything will come at perfect moment if we are talking about things which we can’t predict and are not those ones we paid with our money for.
Now I am talking about ordering online some items, paying for them, and not receiving them in promised time frames. This is a true story of mine. I ordered some clothes online and supposed to receive during 2 weeks, max 3. I did not have any suspect it can be any other way round because the online store was a well-tried before. Unfortunately, sh#t happens everywhere and with anybody. And it is totally ok. But this time it took me up to 2 months to even realize that my parcel was spoiled and nothing I can do about it. Thank God the shop was a very responsible one and took all the fault on their shoulders. They explained the situation that they were announced that the parcels are crushed due transporting them and they can give the money back or let you order again with discount. What’s funny is how the clothes can be crushed??? Are they from glass material or what? So I started studying the situation and realized that the logistic company named UTEC is the one responsible of taking clothes from airport and Ukrainian board to Ukrainian customers. I checked the feedback on different sites about them and it was really awful. Mostly people said the company just steals their parcels with no shame. And when customers calling they literally saying they don’t even know when your items can be delivered. I also tried calling couple of times and even shouting. It didn’t help. They can’t even track the order correctly or even tell you estimated delivery time.
To make story short, I realized that to find a good responsible shop is nice but delivery is not a company thing. It is a deal between many companies and a difficult mechanism which can not work perfectly if one of the component is not trying to work responsible and clear. Therefore, I started checking which company deliver and how well your order can be tracked generally. Some tracking companies don’t track order from certain countries, some update the info late, some just don’t give right coordinates. Now I started using Order Tracking Tool which is working globally. Here you can track parcel from AliExpress, wish, Pandao, eBay, Banggood and Amazon live. And here you can check more info about this tracking company. I really hope I found a very good and trustworthy service!

P.S.: This Floral Ruffled Dress was order as a second try to recieve my clothes from the shop.

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