Imaginary vs Reality

Some outfits and looks which I create in my head seem to be different in present. There are much more tools and materials, no limit of time for making anything, everything works involuntarily, only brains works in our conscious. Reality tells us that we have to force everybody and everything. We have to use those stuffs and improvised means which can fit in our budget and looks alike with what we imagined. Tightening deadlines and race for time, 24 hours obviously not enough a day neither 2 hands, if you don’t have an assistance as I don’t. This difficult and saturated process gives a life to something what’s almost as we planned, which has a right to exist and makes me satisfied, even if it is a little bit.
Does your work give a pleasure as a result? Do you feel fully satisfied?

Perfect earrings for a gift anytime and any day! I wanted something simple and cute! You can put your own initials and make a personalized jewelry.

Also I don’t find it strange to wear sunglasses during winter weather. If there is snow all around it can even help you to protect your eyes from bright white snow.

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