Women’s Day! Celebrate with me

Right since my early years I always liked art and fashion. That’s why I used to attend musical and dance school, painting and theatre classes, vocal and English lessons all for many years. These skills and my university education helped me to become the person with a wide view in life. I know what I want in life and have some achievements already which I forget to appreciate sometimes. As a normal human being I wish for more. That’s a way of moving forward and never stop clumbing to the top.

I can sincerely say that I am far from where I want to be, and I always thought I will be bigger than I am now. But I have many ideas how to change it and make my future how I like it. I work on myself to be a better person in all ways every day. It is a process and I learn to enjoy the journy very well.

In advance of Women’s Day I want to celebrate my being as a woman in this patriarchal society. I am not a strong believer in feminism but I see sense in it. Be proud of yourself, apprecite your little and big achivments, believe in your dreams and make yourself happy first before you can make somebody else.

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