Must have for this Covid-19 season

It’s being a difficult time for many people in the world right now. A lot of us are quarantined, self isolated, let’s say living in not comfortable conditions and have to follow many rules and regulations to protect yourself from pandemic. I don’t want to talk much about all this coronavirus situation because absolutly nobody doesn’t know exactly what’s going to be next and how our life will change. Definitely, it will! My own suggetion is to follow the rules of your particular country at this moment, listen to the authority. What you can do best is to protect yourself and your family, and also people around you by not going outside unnecessary and wearing masks, gloves, wash your hands, have a self distance 1,5 – 2 m ets. The advises are the same as everywhere have been told us but better to repeat it millions times to be sure that many might not just listen to you but hear you and do it for real.  Anyway, I just want to show you some things which are very useful and can make your environment safe for this moment. Here is a must have list:

I am sure you have seen the picture of people buying bags filled with softest toilet tissue and it is real deficit in some stores right now. This happened not because people are scared they won’t be able to buy this product to clean their private parts during self isolation but to use the toilet tissue for sneezing and holding things outside and opening doors with it as example. I would say this is a good idea because you can throw it away immediately after using and not spraying any possible infections or bacterial around.

1/5/10 Rolls Toilet Paper Bulk Bath Tissue Bathroom Soft White 3 Ply Kitchen Soft

Household Portable 25/80 pcs/Box Alcohol Disinfection Wipes Antiseptic Cleaning Sterilization Wipes Wet Wipes First Aid

Next thing is to have an infrared thermometer which is helpful for knowing your temperature of the body very fast with no stress. You can just point a thermometer on the forehead and it shows your body temperature easily. Also, possible to measure a temperature of anything in future.

Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer Body Temperature Gun 31.0~40°C(88~104°F)

Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer Body Temperature Gun 32.0~42.9°C(90~109°F)

To be on a safe side we wash our hands every time with soap for 30 seconds minimum. Same way it would be good always keeping clean other things. UV light sterilizer will desinfect your toilet, bed, house or pet’s environments.

36W Ultraviolet Lamp 253.7nm Medical Disinfection UV Sterilizer Lamp Home LED Sterilizing Lights Disinfect Virus Lighting Light

Portable folding Disinfection UV Lamp Home Living Room LED Ultraviolet Sterilization Germicidal Bacterial Disinfect Virus Lights

Mini Portable UV Sanitizer Handheld UV Light Disinfection Lamp for Home Office Travel

Which other advices would you suggest for people now? What are those things which can make our life safer and more comfotable right now?


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