Vintage little things

Винтаж – это стиль в стиле! Модное слово в наше время, которое не просто выразить в действии. Не так уж и просто сочетать вещи и аксессуары для наряда или же предметы интерьера для комнаты в четкий временных брендовых рамках. Я никогда не задавалось такой целью, но мне всегда нравилось добавлять какие-то винтажные маленькие акценты в […]

All brown everything

This summer I really feel in love with off shoulder tops. I know It used to be a trand for the last summer and funny enough only now I really feel like wearing something like this. Anyway better later than never. So I decided to wear all brown everything to recreate a warm weather look […]

How to choose spectrum color combinations

Hello dear people! Today is a great day, isn’t it? It is sunny and clear in Ukraine. Same thing with my outfit, sunny and bright, but sportive. The combination of bright opposite colors is not always an easy task. It can be difficult to compose good ones, so we can see people wear some raunch […]

Red bell trousers and striped crop top outfit

Today my outfit is simple enough and laconic. Nothing extra: white hat, striped crop top, red bell trousers and striped high heel sandals in support of top. As people say, ‘All ingenious is simple!’ Lol There is no time for philisophical topics, let’s talk about the business. All at once I started loving these kind […]

Paris in Kharkiv?

Everybody knows the number one symbol of France located in Paris, Eiffel Tower.  The name is taken after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. It was constructed 1887-89. In Ukraine, Kharkiv, we have a 10 times smaller copy of Eiffel Tower. It was oppened in 2012 and located in the entartaining center […]

Maxi dress with flowers print

What is new to say about maxi dresses? Nothing new but they are pretty and have amazing benefits for a true lady. Once you wear it you become elegant without stress and strugle. Another good privilage about it that it is easy to style with any kind of shoes. All will go perfect, either sneakers […]

How I styled a Striped jumpsuit

Hello lovely people! How is your day going? I took these pictures 1 and an half year ago. You can see I used to have a brunnete hair. It is my natural color. That time I just started my blog and I did not post much of my outfits, my idea was to post my […]

Gold, green and red color palette

Hello lovely people! After a long break I finally have time to upload the look which was taken more than a month ago. This outfit is my favorite at the moment. I don’t know if everybody can love it the way I do but I believe that the real lovers of the crazy fashion styles […]

Retro chick

  Good evening my dear readers! I am really happy to share this post with you because I look really unusual on these pictures. I would like to hear your opinion about my look and hair style. You know that moment when you plan your outfit to look one way but after you look at […]


Hi everybody! To be honest it is hard for me to write a whole post about something. I always think that visuality will show more than just words. That’s why I will just leave these pictures from my trip to Moscow, Russia without comments.