My favorite texture – FUR

Hello everybody! I hope you all are doing great, besides Do you have any plans for the weekend? I would like to share some ideas about styling pastel colors and smooth textures pairing them with fur. My first love for spring is a combination of pastel colors with my outfits. It makes my skin look […]

Dull colors

I love to be different, I love to wear new things every day… I am a photographer and my clothes have to be comfortable when I work. And most of the times I cannot wear a dress or high heels or a lot of accessories which can stop me from moving freely, even make up […]

Happy Sunday

Winter is over. I feel happy and more satisfied with the March weather. Today is Sunday and I decided to write about my friend, colleague and founder of ‘OUT OF GIDI’ brand Valentine Ramsey and coincidentally his last name is Sunday. These pictures you see below were taken 2 years ago by me during winter. […]

New-old fashion

I was just hanging out with a model, Dela and we did not have a specific idea for the pictures. We ended up with a little sketch of her trying to wear Soviet kind of clothes in Ukraine, Kharkiv 2017. Dela spoke her mind during the photo shoot, ‘I think that when we were having […]

Lady in a Suit

How does it feel to be a lady? It is not an easy feeling for sure… To be always classy and being up to the mark is something what comes with time and a lot of experience. Some people would have it in their blood so-called to have a “blue blood” and for them it […]


This photoshoot of model Rachael has been taken 1 year ago. I have been keeping these pictures for a very long time because I didn’t want just to post them on Instagram or Facebook. I prefer to wait till I have my own website and blog where I could write the experience while taking these […]


A good camera and an expensive lens are not always the only tools you need for an exclusive photo. Usually to make an interesting photo, you might not even need very good equipments. It is all about your idea and concept. But what can make the picture look artistic and unusual? As for me there […]

SAMOVAR or on the road back home

This concept of this bunch of pictures entered my mind unexpectedly as all inspirational ideas… These photos symbolized the echoes of leftover USSR culture but from an African view of life. It means foreigners can see things very differently from the way native people have been keeping them in their minds for generations. My models […]