Simple outfit for spring

Друзья, всем привет! Я верю, что у всех вас прекрасное настроение, ведь уже пришла весна. Я обожаю весенний запах и первые лучи яркого солнца. Наконец-то дни становятся длинее, а ночи короче. Темнеет намного позже и появляется больше вдохновение создавать что-то новое и развивать себя! А пока я вам покажу фотосессию из студии, была она сделана […]


Are you looking to keep your natural hair soft and free from tangling then the hairfinity cleanse and condition kit is highly recommended for you. I was totally blown away by the outcome of my natural hair. it felt so good giving my hair a smooth texture. The hairfinity product is for every hair texture […]

Expensive and simple

Hello dear readers! These days I want to discover myself as a lady and work harder on my style. I want my looks to be more girly and chick. I always had this idea to look expensive and simple in the same time. I think this outfit is a very good example of it. I […]


I believe and I know there is nobody on this Earth like you. Even if you are a twin with somebody but your soul and features are still very uncommon. Otherwise, your style and the skill to wear any kind of clothes comfortable that what can compliment the originality of your own beauty. That’s what […]

My ‘taxi driver’ look

Hello babez! Fashion is a very flexible thing which can go with any of your crazy or stupid idea. If anybody say that taxi driver hat will be a fashion trand and will look so good on me like 1 year ago, I would not bealieve for real.  But I tried and it came out […]

Floral women’s suit

Hello beautiful people! It is the season of holidays and great celebration of Christmas and New Year. We all in a hurry to buy gifts and decorate the house, also to choose the best outfit as well. So, today we are going to discuss about women’s suits. It is a must-haves for this season. You […]

Christmas mood

I am so exited by the fact that Christmas is coming soon. It is always a festive mood, the smell of delicious food and a decorated room with sparkling lanterns. Therefore, my outfit is as festive as this holiday. I want to stand out and be a bit of an epaulet on this day. Many […]


Sometimes you feel like the whole world revolves around you but then you have to realize that as a human being, you have too many flaws to be perfect and too many blessings to be ungrateful. So the best way is to continue what you love to do. Failure is an option here if things […]

Bridal Gown by Oksana Mukha

For your special day choose your special dress by Oksana Mukha and your special photographer to capture all the great and wonderful moments of your wedding day.

Pinkyparadise eye lenses

I love my eye color. It is green but blue on sun. But sometimes I feel I want a new eye color maybe for a day or two.  My best choice was to use pinkyparadise eye lenses with a two different colored lenses. I took a part in the random lenses program. I received TWO pieces […]