Long silver knitted dress

If you ask me: “what am I wearing for a dinner party?” I guess my replay to you will be with a sexy long silver knitted dress from Lovelywholesale. Simply because it is one of my favorite at this moment. The dress is made up of a high quality fabric which feels nice and soft, […]

Bridal Gown by Oksana Mukha

For your special day choose your special dress by Oksana Mukha and your special photographer to capture all the great and wonderful moments of your wedding day.

Sexy and Flawless

People think they need to do so much to look flawless, and for a time, I used to think that too. The truth is all you really need is confidence. Physique helps, true. But confidence is the real kicker. And I am…confident. I’m not ashamed of my body, nor do I let anyone body-shame me. […]

Pinkyparadise eye lenses

I love my eye color. It is green but blue on sun. But sometimes I feel I want a new eye color maybe for a day or two.  My best choice was to use pinkyparadise eye lenses with a two different colored lenses. I took a part in the random lenses program. I received TWO pieces […]

African Aesthetic

The African continent is big and vast, there are so many different nationalities, tribes, its cultures diverse but certain standards of beauty are still the same for various African societies. That’s why these values and standards has been named as a generally accepted AFRICAN AESTHETIC. This set of pictures include some of patterns what African […]

Different body size in fashion

Every day I encounter people who ask me if they are fit for a photoshoot with me.This  popular question comes from clients who are not comfortable with their body size, they think they are a little overweight or chubby, or short… to make story short, their body is not the model body type. But what […]

Time keeps running

Hello my dear readers! Today I would love to share with you an experience from day from my work life. Unfortunately, some of my clients have the tendency to be late for a shoot. And that was the case on a faithful day with model Emily who was 40 minutes late. Her lateness made me […]

The Essence Of celebrating Womanhood

On the 8th March, every year the world celebrates international women’s Day to create awareness about the various facet of atrocities women has been facing from the last many years and what steps need to be taken to fight this unwanted part of the society. A woman is not less than a male in any […]

This soul is beautiful

The name of this post sends us to a cultural movement “Black is beautiful” that was started in the United States of America in the 1960s by African Americans. My very good friend Tosin who I believe is a great model in the making and myself who I believe is a great photographer in the […]


Visibility, dynamic, gravity, grandiosity are features of baroque style of 16-18th century. Nowadays fashion likes to be mixed with all the opposite qualities together to recreate something new. This photo shoot with model Temi, reminds of baroque as well. Red chair and touch of gold color of skin and jewelries make it look arty-crafty. Apart […]

My 2 outfit ideas for New Year’s celebration

Hello everybody! Today is 31st of December and it means night of New Year 2017 will come very soon! So we all preparing gifts for family, friends, co-workers, strangers whatever… but we shouldn’t forget that new year outfit matters too. So I have 2 new ideas for outfits for New Year’s celebration for you guys. […]